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What Are Corner Guards?

Jun. 07, 2021

What Are Corner Guards?

The corner guards are products designed to protect the corners and edges of the wall from damage, while blending with the existing design. Corner protectors are available in a variety of materials, sizes and surface treatments. They are usually installed in areas with heavy traffic, such as corridors and hallways, which can help reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Where to use corner guards?

Due to the low impact resistance of drywall and other commonly used materials, modern construction techniques tend to leave exterior corners that are easily damaged. These products are usually installed in hotels, healthcare facilities, and other commercial locations, and are usually installed in places where damage is most likely to occur.

(Corner guards may be mistaken for edge protectors to protect children from sharp, exposed corners)


Due to various installation and wall protection requirements, corner guards are made of many different materials. They are usually made of different types of high-impact plastics. These are often economical and durable options. For heavier task use cases, adding an aluminum retainer can help absorb shocks. The metal corner guard, made of stainless steel and aluminum, can also be used for industrial applications.


Width—the width of the corner guard—often called the "wing size"—refers to the distance measured from the corner. Most corner guards have multiple widths.

Length/Height-The corner protector is installed vertically, so the length refers to the vertical height after installation. Although corner protectors can be manufactured at almost any height, the most common installation heights are 4'and 8'. They can also be produced or cut to specific floor-to-ceiling dimensions.


There are three main ways to install the corner guard:

Adhesive-According to the combination of the corner protection board and the wall material, choose construction adhesive or glue. This option allows the installer to have the most flexibility in location.

Screw on-Use pre-drilled holes in the corner guards so that the installer can use screws to fix the protector on the wall. A permanent solution that requires the use of fasteners and tools.

Double-sided tape-The double-sided tape is attached to the inside of the corner guard so that it can be directly fixed on the wall. This is a user-friendly option that requires no tools.

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