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  • Rubber Speed Hump JSD -102D

  • Rubber Speed Hump JSD -102D

  • Rubber Speed Hump JSD -102D

  • Rubber Speed Hump JSD -102D

Rubber Speed Hump JSD -102D

Product Description

Rubber & Steel Reinforce Road Speed Hump

Speed bumps can be installed on the surface of asphalt roads and concrete roads. To improve life span, the road must be smooth. After drilling, clean Up the holes and remove the dust, oil and debris from the holes. Using the special adhesive, put the bottom of the bump to the surface Of the road.


(1)They are relatively inexpensive.

(2)Black and yellow, affect in day and night, attack the attention of the driversto decelerate successfully.

(3)They are very effective in slowing travel speeds.

(4)Special cat eye, the reflective effect is more better than the diamond grade reflective sheeting film.

(5)Set up flexibly according the request of the customer, convenient installment.


1.Prepare hand drill and srews

Rubber Speed Hump

2. Put speed humps on the ground, Use hand drill to find suitable hole an drill into.

Rubber Speed Hump

3. Put the expansion screws and knock into the hole, then installation done!

Rubber Speed Hump

About Packing

We usually packing speed hump into woven bag, if you want us packing as pallet, please let us know.

Rubber Speed Hump

Pallet Packing Available.

Rubber Speed Hump

ITEM-JSD -102D Size: 1000X300X45MM, Weight: 12kgs/Meter

Rubber Speed Hump

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